R&D Park Northern Seam

Kiryat Gat’s proposed northern development is currently defined by a completely disconnected urban fabric. The city identity is currently fragmented along socio-economic lines and the proposed plan will reinforce this disconnection. Our plan seeks to connect the existing and future neighborhoods, using the park as a connector rather than a barrier. We are looking at more sustainable park typologies that will leverage indigenous landscape features. Our plan connects existing resources in the city core to the future development zones along linear routes that flow into the northern expansion. The new population growth in the northern neighborhoods offers an opportunity for economic development and an enhancement of amenity offerings for the city, if utilized and planned in a non-divisive approach. These assets will be organized according to a new park typology, circulatory system and development model that emphasizes collaboration between uses. Our plan activates the new Northern development and reinforces Kiryat Gat’s existing urban structure.


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